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CHEF PADDINGTON MUGUZA, (born 1 October 1981) is a Zimbabwean Talented chef, Paddington grew up in Harare During his culinary college days he was awarded the best in the Country’s Hotel Schools for the year 2006 and have been sent to South Africa, Witz University of Johannesburg and got a merit award .His signature dishes appeared on official social networks, magazines and newspapers. By 2011 Paddington Muguza had become one of the best known chefs in Zimbabwe. His creativity and passion for the job has influenced a lot of junior chefs to become more culinarily adventurous. As an Executive Chef, He worked with Africa Albida Tourism Group Of Hotels, Three Cities Group of Hotels and Partly with Wild Horizons and The Hide Safaris on Consulting Basis. It is in this time that he grew to pay more attention to detail on healthy eating trends and recipes.
Paddington Muguza - Hotel Chef
Paddington Muguza - Hotel Chef
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